Jane Spleen



Passion by the pool.. 

It could be the title of a novel, but in fact it’s what Oljana Weyler and Koen Wauters felt when they met in Italy during a workshop organised by Berklee. It has been proven that love between two musicians can be a very inspiring combination! 

Jane Spleen proves this once again!

Jane (Oljana Weyler) sings about love, lust but also the harder facts in life. ‘Spleen’ refers to this melancholy state of mind, even desperation which Baudelaire, the french poet, described beautifully.  Add to this the passion and Jane Spleen convinces you with her glowful sound!


In the winter  of 2015 Jane Spleen recorded their EP in Gent, Bijloke under the professional guidance of Gert Jacobs (Douglas Firs, Senne Guns,..) and with the help of some respected musicians:

Bert Embrechts, Eric Bosteels, Bart Vervaeck and Jan Willems.


To promote the EP, they did a tour around Antwerp. Oljana (Vocal) and Koen (Guitar) played with a super rhytm-section; Eric Bosteels (Drums), Bert Embrechts (Bas) and Niels Verheest (Keys)! The band plays a mix of roots: blues, rock and folk with a lot of energy! 

For now, Oljana and Koen play their music in duo. By using Vocals and Guitar, they go back to the roots!